Sleep Deprived? Revolutionize Your Bedroom!

by Stacey Irwin on November 23, 2009 · 3 comments

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bedspread coverletSleep and relaxation fall low on the list of American priorities these days.  America’s adults average 6.9 hours of sleep each night, slightly less than the range of seven to nine hours recommended by many sleep experts.  This affects our everyday life from driving safely to job performance to the quality of time spent with loved ones.

Our bedrooms can play an integral role in helping us get that good night’s sleep.  You can create a bedroom sanctuary by following some easy rules:

  • Avoid using bright and distracting colors on your bedroom walls.  Soft blues are calming, greens are soothing and earth tones like warm browns can help you find a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Avoid clutter.  Pick a few pieces or mementos to keep in your room but limit the amount so as not to distract the eye while you’re trying to unwind. Adding a few nice scented candles for an aromatic bedroom can assist your senses with reducing stress as well.
  • Remove distractions.  Soft music and alarm clocks are fine but keep the TVs’, video games and cell phones out.  If you have to sleep with your phone nearby, make sure it’s on vibrate.
  • Choose the right materials for your bedroom.

Duvet coverBamboo becomes important when thinking about the materials for your bedroom.  There are a variety of options for your bedding and furniture made from this popular, highly-renewable resource.

Bamboo bedding is incredibly luxurious and softer than cotton and Egyptian fabrics. The super-absorbent quality of bamboo gives bamboo fabrics a natural wicking ability, making them ideal choices for anyone dealing with night sweats (read more about bamboo and night sweats).  The bamboo fabric is also thermo-regulating so there’s no need to make the switch from cottons to flannels as the seasons change – you’re covered year-round.  And because organic bamboo is naturally odor-resistant, you’ll do less loads of laundry, saving yourself time and water.  Green Earth Bamboo offers a variety of beautiful organic bamboo bedding collections of shams, pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers.

As soft as bamboo is for your bedroom, there are also plenty of options for bamboo bedroom furniture and flooring.  Bamboo wood is strong and durable (they use it to construct buildings in some countries) but also malleable enough to be carved into beautiful pieces of furniture.  Bamboo is more resistant to damage than normal hardwoods and is also resistant to shrinking and swelling.  It has a fine, delicate grain, whether natural or amber-toned, making it a distinctive and elegant material for fine furniture.

Make sure to follow these guidelines when shopping for bamboo furniture:

  • Look for furniture with real bamboo and not just bamboo look-alikes.
  • Look for furniture that states it is made with sustainable bamboo
  • If furniture includes bamboo veneers, check to see that the glue used is non-toxic.
  • Look for bamboo furniture using water-based stains.

In this fast-paced world, it’s difficult to put the time to rest as a top priority but the use of bamboo products in your bedroom is a positive step towards creating that necessary sanctuary.   If you need further reason to include it, remember that bamboo is credited with having protective qualities in many Asian countries (you’ll find it growing around Shinto shrines in Japan).  Imagine that incorporating bamboo products into your bedroom will protect you from nightmares and the stress of everyday life.

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