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by Stacey Irwin on January 11, 2010 · 2 comments

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Bamboo SaltSalt has earned a bad reputation with us.  We hear constantly that it causes hypertension, heart disease, high blood pressure and weight gain (among other things).  However, the human body needs a certain amount of salt to survive.  The distinction between healthy and unhealthy lies in the amount of salt we ingest, and also what type of salt we use.

Most people choose common table salt which contains high levels of sodium and is stripped of more than 60 trace minerals during the refinement process.  Table salt is also cleaned, bleached and treated so even as the healthy elements are removed, unhealthy elements are being added.  In addition, to make the table salt more consumer friendly, anti caking agents are added to make sure the salt does not clump together in its packaging. These anti caking agents do not dissolve in our systems so they build up and deposit in our organs and tissues.

Thankfully, there are several alternatives to table salts, including Bamboo Salt.

Over 1000 years ago, Korean doctors and monks used bamboo salt to treat internal maladies ranging from fevers to diarrhea.  They made bamboo salt tablets by inserting salt in a thick bamboo stub and baking it at high temperatures with pine tree firewood. The modern manufacturing of bamboo salt has been refined to enhance the healing properties of bamboo salt.  Using bamboo trees of at least 3 years old, the salt is sealed within the bamboo using unpolluted yellow clay and then baked 8 times in a specially designed furnace.  Baking the bamboo salt in such high temperatures allows for the salt to absorb highly therapeutic trace elements including copper, zinc and iron and it also eliminates any impurities and heavy metals from the salt that can cause damage to the body.

Bamboo salt serves many functions in maintaining our health:

bamboo sea saltIt serves as a natural detoxifying agent.  Because bamboo salt generates large amounts of saliva and gastric juice, it allows for the complete digestion of our food, keeping toxins from building up in the intestine and bloodstream.  Bamboo salt also has a strong penetrative ability so it is able to eliminate toxins from the body quickly and efficiently.

It is a powerful antioxidant which helps cleanse the body and heal damaged cells.  For this quality alone, more and more cancer researchers are starting to look at the role of bamboo salt as it inhibits the growth of cancerous cells.

It provides energy.  When heated, the bamboo salt releases a strong far-infra red light that makes the hydrogen atoms in body fluid to vibrate at a rate of 1 trillion times per second.  This promotes a higher metabolism and regenerates cells at a quicker rate.

bamboo bath saltsIt is a strong antibacterial agent.  Because bamboo salt balances the essential ratio of trace elements and pH of body fluid, it eliminates germs from the body (germs cannot survive in human blood with the balanced pH level of 7.35 – 7.45).

It is a treasure trove of minerals and trace elements.  This trait alone has more benefits than can fit on this page.  The balance of copper and zinc ward off anemia by allowing for greater iron absorption.  The presence of magnesium reduces cholesterol in the blood and takes the role of a natural tranquilizer in protecting the nerves.  The natural balance of potassium and sodium ward off chronic diseases and maintain healthy heart function.  And the list goes on and on….

BambooTowelsSalt, when taken in the right form, serves a greater role in our lives than mere seasoning.  Choosing to incorporate bamboo salt through food intake, bath salt or even tablets, will enhance your healthy lifestyle. After taking that relaxing bamboo salt bath, wrap yourself in the warmth of plush bamboo towels to complete your luxurious experience. There is nothing more comforting that the qualities bamboo has to offer.

Here are some places we found to carry some wonderful bamboo salt products:
Skinbotanica carries bamboo bath salts as well as other bamboo cleansing products.
Salt Traders, LLC carries delicious bamboo sea salt for cooking.
The Green Bean Company offers bamboo roasted sea salt and donates 20% of its proceeds to social and environmental charities.

If you are a big fan of bamboo’s wonderful qualities, be sure to take a look at our bamboo remedies section for more great posts! And, remember to check out our monthly bamboo recipes under our bamboo flavors section for delicious meals for your family.

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1 Jessica January 15, 2010 at 10:29 am

Another great salt option is Himalayan pink salt. We get ours from Sustainable Sourcing and love the taste and the fact that they care so much about the environment and their business practices.

2 Corey Lynn January 15, 2010 at 1:54 pm

Cool site – thanks for sharing!

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