Beauty Products Enhanced With The Power of Bamboo

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bamboo shampooBamboo makes its way into beauty products

As a country, we are conscious about what goes into our bodies.  We search for organic foods,  the right supplements and the purest juices and teas.  So, how can a population so worried about what goes into their bodies be so casual about what goes on our bodies?

The skin is an organ, the largest organ of the human body actually, and it serves the purpose of absorbing nutrients into the body.  Unfortunately, it can also absorb the harmful chemicals found in the environment surrounding us and in the chemical-filled makeup, soaps and hair products we choose.

While most would look at bamboo growing and think that there is no way beauty products come from those stalks, but in the form of extract, charcoal, milk or powder, bamboo is making its way into cosmetics and beauty products worldwide.

happy time cream soapBamboo Milk is extracted from bamboo leaves and stems with claims to be both a stimulant and an aphrodisiac (talk about starting off your morning right!).  Nivea uses bamboo milk in their Happy Time Cream Soap (available in bar or bodywash) to produce a gentle cleanser on your skin.

Long used in Asia to smooth and moisturize the skin, bamboo powder is now being made into soaps worldwide.  The natural antiseptic and astringent quality of bamboo powder makes it ideal for oily and blemish-prone skin.  Additionally, the bamboo powder is rich in minerals and the finely milled powder can be mixed into masks and scrubs to work as a gentle exfoliant.   Green Earth Bamboo offers a line of soaps handcrafted in the United States in a variety of delicious scents.  Lessonia, a French-based cosmetics company, has started using bamboo powder in their anti-aging spa products to take advantage of the refining and skin-brightening qualities of the powder.

bamboo soapBamboo Charcoal also brings its incredible detoxifying ability to soaps and facial cleansers.  For anyone looking to remove impurities without irritating your skin, try one of the many bamboo charcoal products out there.  Mi-Spa offers a Bamboo and Rice Soap for both men and women, while iB3 offers a Bamboo Charcoal and Vinegar bar that claims to not only clean, but to help reverse the effects that hard water takes on our skin.

Not to be left out, hair and lashes also benefit from bamboo extract.  It is a rich source of natural silica which is essential for hair growth and helps make existing hair stronger.  Bamboo Cosmetics offers a Bamboo Lash mascara designed to make your lashes fuller and thicker, while Alfaparf offers a line of bamboo shampoos and conditioners to help make your hair fuller and thicker.

black bamboo dressDS0042-2It’s easier than ever to beautify yourself with bamboo!

Choose this beautiful Isis Bamboo Dress or  delicate Bamboo Scarf from Green Earth Bamboo to complement your glowing skin and silky hair.

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