How To Make A Bamboo Wind Chime

by Stacey Irwin on March 17, 2010 · 2 comments

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bamboo wind chimeWarmer weather brings with it revived gardens and more time spent outdoors enjoying private retreats.  Wind chimes add an element of beauty to gardens and also harness the power of Feng Shui.  Practicers of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese method of object placement that focuses on the flow of “chi” or energy, use wind chimes for protection and to direct the flow of chi.

Create your own soothing bamboo wind chimes to keep the positive chi flowing throughout your home and gardens.

Here’s what you need to make your bamboo wind chime:

  • Lengths of bamboo
  • Glass beads in assorted weights
  • Drill
  • Small saw
  • String or fishing line
  • Cup hook
  • Scissors

To make your bamboo wind chime:

  1. Get several stalks of bamboo either at a local nursery or from your own yard.  Make sure to get several diameters and lengths.  Make sure to keep some extra on hand.
  2. Cut the stalks into 10 pieces of a suitably long length, with ealarge bamboo windchimech piece somewhat longer than your longer piece is to be.
  3. Drill 2 holes in the end of one piece about a ½ inch from the end of the piece.  String fishing line, jute or whatever material you decide to use through the hole and hold the piece high.
  4. Strike the hanging piece with another piece of bamboo and listen to the sound.  If the sound is pleasing, go on to the next piece.  If not, use a small hand saw to shorten the piece until it makes a suitable sound when struck.
  5. Continue with the other pieces following steps 3 and 4.  Make each piece of bamboo a little shorter than the one before, testing the sound of each one.
  6. Lay all the pieces side by side, with each piece touching its neighbor, and measure the final piece of bamboo to be as long as this grouping is wide. This piece will serve as the hanger.  Drill five holes, evenly spaced, through the hanger.
  7. String two pieces together through the first hole in the hanger, taking care that they hang straight down and are separated by the diameter of the hanger.  Try to balance long pieces with short ones so the hanger will be balanced.  Make adjustments as necessary.
  8. Add glass beads to the strings as necessary to finish balancing the wind chime.
  9. Screw a cup hook into the center of the hanger and hang your new wind chime where it can catch the wind and create beautiful music and soothing sounds.

Take a load off, relax in the cool breeze in the comfort of your bamboo loungewear while listening to the melodies of your new bamboo wind chimes. For more fun craft projects to try, visit our Bamboo Crafts section.

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