Fathers Day Gift Guide: Let Bamboo Make This Year Unique

by Stacey Irwin on June 7, 2010 · 1 comment

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Father’s Day is two short weeks away and there is still plenty of shopping time left.  It can be hard to find that perfect gift for the father in your world but thankfully there is a general gift guide to help everyone out.  And now those usual Fathers Day gifts can become a bit more unusual with the help of  bamboo.  This highly-sustainable and rapidly-renewable resource is finding its way into more and more mainstream items, allowing you to find a gift for Dad that can be both useful and eco-friendly. 

Check out these great Fathers Day gift ideas!

For the Dad with Desk Clutter:  Help your dad get more organized at home or at the office with this sturdy bamboo office organizer.  It sticks quickly to metal surfaces or can be mounted onto a wall and provides 5 compartments to help your Dad control his clutter.  For the gadget dad who hogs all the outlets in the house, check out this bamboo charging station.  Sleek and efficient, it will help your dad-on-the-go keep everything charged and ready to go!  For more bamboo- using geeky gadgets for dad, click here

For the Dad who loves to Barbecue:  It’s fitting that Father’s Day arrives just in time for a long summer of barbecues.  And for the dad who already has the grill, the apron and the chef’s hat, consider getting him an Executive Bamboo Custom BBQ Set.  Sturdy enough to handle every grilling need, this set is sure to give your pops another reason to break out the grill.  And for more outdoor grilling suggestions, visit our quick guide to bambooing your barbecue.

For the Dad who loves the classics:  Take the traditional gift of a watch and add an eco-friendly twist!  This Sprout wristwatch offers a “green” round case, cotton wristband and a bamboo dial.  And while we want our gifts to last a lifetime, sometimes that isn’t always possible.  You’ll be happy to know then that this watch is completely biodegradeable. 

For the Dad who wants to get in shapeEncourage your dad to get back into shape and spend some time outdoors with this amazing bamboo bike!  Used for years in Africa and Asia, this bike is incredibly unique.  And bamboo is an ideal material to use as it offers flexibility with a high tensile strength.  And for those dads that are going to work up a sweat, make sure to help them protect their feet.  Visit Green Earth Bamboo for the wonderful wicking bamboo socks!

For the Dad who loves to garden:  For some dads, gardening goes beyond merely mowing and raking.  And those dads deserve the best tools possible to help keep a yard beautiful.  Check out these bamboo garden tools that will endure over years of hard yard work.  If you want to add something special to the gift, consider helping out in the yard!  You and your dad can create a beautiful bamboo garden for everyone to enjoy. 

Long Sleeve Shirt

For the fashionable dad:

Bamboo clothing offers comfort and style and the wonderful qualities of the bamboo plant.  Bamboo clothing is luxuriously soft yet durable and offers incredible wicking qualities that every man needs for this summer heat.  Visit Green Earth Bamboo for bamboo clothes that will fit your dad!

Go beyond the usual gifts of ties and pens and consider any one of these bamboo inspired Father’s Day gifts.  Happy Shopping!

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