How To Make A Bamboo Pergola

by Stacey Irwin on July 20, 2011 · 0 comments

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While we had every intention of building a simple bamboo shade structure over the past two weeks, the extreme heat had us avoiding the sun altogether and shunning garden work.  And in hiding from the sun, enjoying some eco-friendly beer I must admit, our dreams of garden structures grew from simple shade structure to full blown bamboo pergola!  (Aren’t we ambitious couch potatoes?)

So here’s what we will need to build our own bamboo pergola:

  • 4 bamboo poles (8 feet tall)
  • 6 bamboo poles (6 feet tall)
  • 2 spools twine or thin rope
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Concrete (optional)

And here’s what we will be doing to build our bamboo pergola (hopefully):

  1. Find a flat area in your yard that can accommodate a 6×6 square foot pergola.  Decide where you want to place your corners and measure 6 feet between them.  Mark your corners.
  2. Measure the diameter of your 8-foot poles and dig a hole at the corner spots one inch larger than the pole’s diameter.  The holes should be from 6 in. – 1 foot deep (the deeper you dig, the more stable your pergola will be.)
  3. Place two of the 8-foot poles on the ground 7 feet apart.  If the poles are not the same circumference on each end, make sure the larger ends are facing down as they will be the base of your structure.
  4. Place a 6-foot pole 6 inches below the top of the first two poles to create a bridge between them.  Secure them with the twine by weaving the twine front, back and in between the poles creating a X-shaped pattern.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to create the other side of your pergola.  Make sure that all corners are secure before standing up each side.  
  6. Make sure the upper poles face outwards and secure the poles by placing them in their respective holes.  Make sure the structure is facing the chosen direction.
  7. Pack the dirt around the bottom of the poles or use the concrete to secure them. 
  8. Put one pole across the top of each side to connect the two structures.  Position them so that they rest in the joints of the wall and the roof poles.  Test all the poles with a level to make sure they are at the correct angle. 
  9. Secure the new poles to the existing structure by wrapping the twine among all three pieces of bamboo at all four connection points.  Your pergola should be able to stand on its own at this point.
  10. Place the last two of the 6-foot poles across the open space on top of the structure to make your roof.  Tie the poles to the cross beams with the twine.  Feel free to make more of an enclosed roof by placing more 6-foot poles on the structure.

 So wish us luck and leave a comment about your own Bamboo Crafts projects!

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