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FTC Allegations

Tweet Green marketing for products is at an all-time high.  According to David Mullen of the National Advertising Division at the Better Business Bureau, “Companies feel pressured to out green one another”.  The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) offers its “Green Guides” to help determine which products should be labeled “green” or “eco-friendly,” but recent revisions [...]


Tweet As many of you are aware, the Federal Trade Commission has made the allegation that bamboo fabric (viscose from bamboo) does not retain any antimicrobial properties that are prevalent in the plant itself. They state this without providing any scientific evidence to back it up. However, there have been numerous studies, scientific test results [...]


Tweet Many of you have been following our posts regarding the Federal Trade Commission’s claims on the bamboo textile industry. If you haven’t, it would be in your best interest to start from the beginning with our first post, “FTC Bamboozles Public on Bamboo Fabric”. By now, I think it goes without saying that the [...]


Tweet Can Rayon Really Save Your Life? The FTC would have you believe that “rayon from bamboo” is the same quality fabric as “traditional rayon” due to its similar process. The FTC would also have you believe that companies have been misrepresenting this fabric by calling it bamboo or fiber from bamboo rather than rayon [...]

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Tweet Does the FTC believe they are “untouchable” or is it consumers and business owners who have this misconception? In relation to our previous post, “FTC Bamboozles the Public on Bamboo Fabric”, we felt it appropriate to inform consumers of a sampling of prior FTC cases that did not stand up in a court of [...]


Tweet A brief follow-up to the FTC – Kmart case regarding Dyna-E International’s Lightload Towel Brand from our previous post “FTC Bamboozles The Public on Bamboo Fabric.” Despite Dyna-E International’s Lab Results to “scientifically substantiate” that their product is in fact biodegradable, the FTC stood their ground on the basis that anything that is disposed [...]


Tweet A follow-up to our “FTC Bamboozles The Public on Bamboo Fabric” post. Let’s take a closer look at this not so black and white question. Let’s begin with Webster’s definition of biodegradable—“Capable of being broken down especially into innocuous products by the action of living things (as microorganisms).” Suffice it to say…we are dealing [...]


Tweet If you read our post “FTC Bamboozles Public on Bamboo Fabric” then you will want to see what one of the four companies charged by the FTC has to say about their claims. ———- Recently the FTC developed new labeling guidelines for the organic and natural product market including bamboo textiles. Our company, Sami [...]

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Tweet The FTC recently accused four companies of making false and/or misleading claims about their bamboo textile products, possibly including bamboo sheets  or bamboo clothing.  There were three main *violations*, according to the FTC. Here are the FTC’s supposed *truths*: A.    “Textile fiber products are not bamboo fiber, but instead are rayon, a regenerated cellulose [...]