Lessons from Indonesia’s Deforestation Fires

June 21, 2013 Bamboo & The Environment

Tweet   Intentionally-set fires are being used in Indonesia as they have been used many times before to clear land so that it can be used by private companies for such things as growing oil palms.  Apart from destroying biodiversity and worsening the greenhouse gas problem – particularly upsetting coming from a region where bamboo [...]

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Water Audits: How Much Water Are You Using (or Wasting)?

June 19, 2013 Green is Grand

Tweet   Water restrictions are in effect for many states though summer has barely started:  neighborhoods are taking turn watering their lawns,  cities are issuing fines for drought restriction violations and in my new (and rather arid) hometown restaurants have posted signs letting consumers know that water will only be served to tables upon request. [...]

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Bamboo Bra: Support And Healing For Surgery Patients

June 17, 2013 Bamboo Remedies

Tweet Angelina Jolie is one of many women, many thousands of women, who have undergone mastectomy operations and breast reconstruction surgeries this year. Post-surgery finds patients there are many wounds to worry about from emotional scars to physical ones.  And one bra designer has chosen an innovative approach (and fabric) to helping breast surgery patients [...]

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Natives Take the Lead to Save Vanishing Caribou

June 14, 2013 Green is Grand

Tweet The Canadian caribou population is in crisis and has been for years.  Between 1986 and 2006, the largest herd diminished from 472,000 animals to only 128,000.  Over a recent ten year period, the overall population of caribou in northwestern Canada may have declined by as much as eight-six percent. In the southern region of [...]

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Stay Cool This Summer: How To Make A Bamboo Fan!

June 12, 2013 Bamboo Crafts

Tweet An old saying goes that no fan can create a cool breeze unless it is soaked with the maker’s sweat.  And while some amazing bamboo fans can take almost 100 days to complete between picking the perfect bamboo pieces and hand painting intricate designs, there are easier methods to creating not-quite-so-spectacular-but-equally-effective hand-powered cooling systems. [...]

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Hurricane Season Preparation Tips

June 10, 2013 Green is Grand

Tweet Hurricane season roared onto the Atlantic Coast with Tropical Storm Andrea dumping heavy rain, winds and tornadoes on the state of Florida.  Bamboo housing and its wind-resistant qualities has yet to take hold in these United States but in a pinch, if needed, bamboo shelters are becoming more prevalent in disaster relief operations. For [...]

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Space-Flight is Wasted on Justin Bieber

June 7, 2013 Uncategorized

Tweet I don’t usually follow celebrity news, and I certainly don’t have much desire to write about it, but I’m going to break with that tradition – and on a typically environmental news site, no less – because you know what?  Screw Justin Bieber. There are probably dozens of teen-idols in today’s popular culture whom [...]

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Grilled Bamboo Shoot Recipe: Simple Yet Delicious Recipe!

June 5, 2013 Bamboo Flavors

Tweet Sometimes it’s the simplest recipes that are the tastiest.  And grilling season presents plenty of opportunities for quick and delicious cooking including this recipe for grilled bamboo from Canadian Living.  It works best with fresh bamboo shoots so do some exploring to find a local Asian market or cultivate from your very own bamboo [...]

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Seven Things To Pack For the Beach This Summer!

June 3, 2013 Bamboo Fashion

Tweet Millions of vacationers will head to sandy shores this summer for relaxing vacations.  Many are heading to one of the Top 10 Beach Resorts Around The World which includes the Four Seasons Maui and the Montage in Laguna Beach while others will opt for Family Friendly Beach Vacations at locales like Hilton Head, South [...]

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Will Wal-Mart Answer to Consumers Now?

May 31, 2013 Green is Grand

Tweet   Wal-Mart has just pled guilty in court cases in California and Missouri related to the dumping of toxic chemicals and the improper disposal of pesticides.  The mega-corporation has agreed to pay over eighty-one million dollars in penalties.  It’s a meaningful sum, but also a drop in the bucket for a business that takes [...]

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Green Earth Bamboo Fathers Day Sale: Great Gifts, No Ties Allowed!

May 29, 2013 Bamboo Fashion

Tweet Americans will spend roughly $12 billion this year to celebrate Dads!  (And you thought the tab was high for Mothers Day.)  While a large amount of that will go towards neckwear apparel, a recent study found that most dads would rather get no gift at all in lieu of another tie.  Rather than deprive [...]

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Taking Care Of Bamboo Clothing

May 27, 2013 Bamboo Fabric

Tweet Bamboo clothing is amazingly soft and luxurious and needs proper care to maintain those wondrous qualities.  And now that we know how to take care of other bamboo products, let’s focus on bamboo clothing.  All fabrics react different to laundry detergents and stain removal products (and unfortunately, into every life stains will fall) so [...]

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Foam and a New Generation of Environmental Innovation

May 24, 2013 Green is Grand

Tweet It really is a fine time to be an environmentalist.  Driven by consumer demand and the vision of many conscientious entrepreneurs, there is constant, ongoing growth in the range of green products available on the market.  Eco-friendly resources seem to emerge on a regular basis as new alternatives to the environmentally damaging items that [...]

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Bamboo Wedding Registry: Be Prepared For June Brides!

May 22, 2013 Bamboo Fashion

Tweet Here comes the summer bride!  June has regained its spot as most popular wedding month according to a recent survey of 17,500 brides-to-be conducted by The Knot.Com and WeddingChannel.com.  The survey also found that weddings have an average of 139 guests so chances are there is an invitation headed to your mailbox.  (And chances [...]

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Keeping Bamboo Clean!

May 20, 2013 Bamboo & Sustainability

Tweet As much as we talk about bamboo flooring, bamboo cutting boards, bamboo furniture and organic bamboo clothing, we mention very little about upkeep.  Taking care of this unique material requires milder products and a more gentle touch but the sustainable and beautiful bamboo is worth it. To keep bamboo products (other than clothing) clean, [...]

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Cell Prices Might Go Up – And That’s Okay

May 17, 2013 Green is Grand

Tweet   It seems that cell phone carriers may be moving away from the practice of locking customers into long contracts whenever they purchase a new handset.  T-Mobile has had initial success with its no-contract plans, which it announced in March, shortly before it started carrying the iPhone.  Industry analysts seem to think that this [...]

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How To Make Bamboo Charcoal Soap

May 15, 2013 Bamboo Crafts

Tweet It touches the most porous organ we have on our body, our skin, so our soap should be as pure and healthy for us as possible.  Bamboo Charcoal Soap draws on what is best about bamboo charcoal:  its high mineral content, its cleansing properties and its ability to absorb odor. Also, when you decide [...]

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It’s Easy to See Where Not to go for Your Strawberries

May 10, 2013 Bamboo & Sustainability

Tweet We never get tired of talking about responsibility in the purchases one makes.  In a society where consumption is a defining feature of life, conscientious buying is one of the most common opportunities that a person has for making a positive impact on his world. But though we never tire of emphasizing this concept, [...]

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