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Tweet Many of you have been following our posts regarding the Federal Trade Commission’s claims on the bamboo textile industry. If you haven’t, it would be in your best interest to start from the beginning with our first post, “FTC Bamboozles Public on Bamboo Fabric”. By now, I think it goes without saying that the [...]


Tweet Can Rayon Really Save Your Life? The FTC would have you believe that “rayon from bamboo” is the same quality fabric as “traditional rayon” due to its similar process. The FTC would also have you believe that companies have been misrepresenting this fabric by calling it bamboo or fiber from bamboo rather than rayon [...]

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Tweet The FTC recently accused four companies of making false and/or misleading claims about their bamboo textile products, possibly including bamboo sheets  or bamboo clothing.  There were three main *violations*, according to the FTC. Here are the FTC’s supposed *truths*: A.    “Textile fiber products are not bamboo fiber, but instead are rayon, a regenerated cellulose [...]